beth with victory art print

An image of Beth with metal print “Victory”


About Beth


The art that I make comes from my life-long struggle of trying to fit into the standards established by society. From a very early age, I felt isolated and even alienated due to religion, culture, sex, class and even appearance. I learned to use my imagination and sense of humor to sooth the resulting anxiety that developed. From my perspective, laughter and color really are the best medicine.

Not only visually complex but also conceptually layered, my work is very much a study in the dichotomy of order/chaos, light/dark, tension/slack and juxtaposition using mixed media and metaphors as a visual foundation. Building individually crafted layer upon layer, often in the hundreds, my imagery whether static or animated creates a sense of space within the frame. Often drawing inspiration from astronomy and scientific phenomena, I combine my digitally based art with my traditionally made elements, fusing the many layers together into psychedelic and usually abstract self-portraits that many viewers instinctively feel connected to without knowing me. This allows me to re-connect with society on a personal level and engage with those drawn into my work. It’s very satisfying to open a door to a real conversation that stems from a primitive place, which is where most of our current issues were born.




A lifelong artist, Beth Amato, knew in her heart that whatever profession she chose would be in a creative field. With very limited artistic training, she attended Rhode Island College, learned the foundations of traditional art and was exposed to the beginnings of blending technology with artistic vision. In 1996, after being one of 13 women to receive a BFA in computer animation from Ringling College of Art and Design, Beth opted to enter the professional arena hitting the ground running in the male-dominated world of computer simulation, arcade games and finally the advertising industry at the nation’s top companies. After earning numerous achievements and producing thousands of projects for clients throughout North America, Beth felt the need to stretch her skills further by focusing her talents in the fine art world. Fusing various traditional and high tech media primarily into jewelry, paintings and metal prints, she now shares her own vision or the personal vision of a client through commissioned pieces. Rather than title herself a photographer, animator or jewelry maker, Beth considers herself to be an artist who uses a wide variety of “paint brushes” to make something that evokes emotion on a primal or instinctual level. She very much enjoys having the ability to interact with those excited and inspired by her work at local art shows, special events and in her studio.