Beth currently accepts commission projects for custom artwork, installation and animation projects based on availability and schedule.

How does the commission process work?
Once a request has been received (through email, phone or in-person/in-studio) an appointment can be scheduled to discuss the scope of the project and ensure that it is the right fit for both parties.
Please note, Beth currently does a limited amount of work for hire projects and does not sell full rights to her projects. Inquiries are welcome, however full rights projects are not currently her focus.

What are the payment terms?
A minimum deposit of 50% is required upon confirmed booking. Payment in full is required for final printing on metal prints/sculpture/installations. Payment in full is required prior to delivery of jewelry.

What is the pricing schedule?
Prices for commissions vary greatly based on execution time, materials and any vendor outsourcing (such as having a metal print/sculpture/installation constructed). Jewelry also varies based on techniques used to make each piece. A custom quote will be produced based on the specific needs of your specific project.

What mediums and sizes does Beth offer?
Her preferred method for prints are produced using dye sublimation on aluminum but she makes other surfaces available including professional metallic papers, Lexan/acrylic, wood.
Digital work can be provided in a variety of formats, please inquire for a specific/requested format.
Jewelry-stocks a variety of sterling, Swarovski components along with the reverse glass painted pendants. She is able to source some components in finer materials upon request and does experiment with other materials (such as 3D printing, metal clays, etc).

What can Beth make for me?
Since Beth has such a diverse background and adventurous spirit, imagination is the only limit (well time & money also!).  She has an extensive background in creative motion graphics for a variety of presentation methods including television commercials, theater presentations, event graphics for jumbotron and projections, mobile backgrounds, kiosk graphics and more.  Beth also has a great deal of experience experimenting with unique presentations and installations of her fine art work including hanging metal panels from rods or clips, mosaic work, suspension from ceiling and more.  Pieces can also be integrated into existing environments or built into new construction/renovation projects.