From a very early age, we start developing a sense of self.  It’s based on what we are told about who we are.  As we get older, we have incorporated what we were told and what we believe ourselves to be but really who we are isn’t static.  We’re constantly growing and changing but what we choose to tell ourselves can empower us or bring us down.

For this art installation, I asked others to finish the sentence “I am _____” and these are just some of the answers I received.  Thank you to all of those that contributed your sincere thoughts.  I appreciate each and every one of them.  The word or words have been synthesized with one of one hundred+ mandalas made especially for this installation.  They also incorporate many affirmation symbols.  Some words and symbols are obvious but some are more subtle which is representative of the idea that what we choose to focus on and tell ourselves is really the most important thing and the artwork is hopefully a catalyst for inspiration.

I’ve been using affirmations to cope with anxiety for some time and I find that “I am” affirmations often help me because they can be very specific and concise.  This project was also a way for me to share that idea.  We often practice this mindfulness when we have time to dedicate to the practice.  Today, we are often stressed out and pushed to our limit and it’s at these times that it is most important to have this type of mindfulness.  I hope sharing this project reminds you how important it is to be able to tell yourself positive and supportive things during moments of challenge.

Studio Wall Showcase

These are the pieces that are right outside of my studio.  With the exception of one, these do not contain text affirmations.