Disclosure, Copyright & Privacy Policy

The purpose of my site is to share what I’m currently working on, promote myself as an artist and connect with those who have common interests or are interested in.

  • share what I’m currently working on
  • connecting with those who have common interests
  • connecting with those interested in commissioning me or purchasing existing work from me

Any information that you share with me on my artist page or social media accounts will be used solely for those purposes.  I will not sell your information to third parties. Nothing on my site will ever be recommended because of paid promotion.  As much as I would LOVE to be getting my software, art supplies, printing, etc. for free-I don’t.  LOL  But in case something happens and I get major sponsorship, I’ll let you know!  If I use a product, software, service, etc. I will provide my honest opinion about that product and will disclose any products I received for free.  I may use affiliate links for products I recommend.  In those cases, I will receive a nominal commission if you make a purchase.  Your purchase price is not increased for using a link through my site. The information I share on my site is solely based on my own experiences and opinions, your mileage may vary based on your experiences.  I make no warranties based on the information shared on my website and social media accounts. Trademarks and intellectual property shared on this site that, belongs to others, remain with their respective trademark and copyright holder(s).